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Welcome to Healthy Jewels Website

Hello friends,

Thank you for visiting this website, I hope you find it of value. This web site is for you and hence meant to be interactive, so if you wish to add items please let me know and I will review and add them on.  I take no credit for what you find on this web site, it is a collection of my own work but also things I have collected from others over the years.

I have developed a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in various aspects of healthy living.  I have given my ideas, recipes and help to many people over the last decade or so. I have hence developed a database (some hand written and some on my PC).  My aim of this web site is to share my knowledge with others, and I hope it will lead to a healthier and more comfortable life for you. In return, I will be pleased to publish any ideas that you send to me for wider sharing.

I had very little help from the standard ‘medical route’ (for my own illness) and hence I have resorted to alternative means. I have seen many alternative consultants over the years including traditional Chinese, Naturopaths and Ayurvedic. They have all helped to an extent, the best form of help is self-help, and this takes time and practice. I have gone through many adaptions to my life-style to help improve my condition, example, wheat free diet and dairy free diet. I also minimise chemically founded drugs and ready foods including cereals so any cures I have come across, are provided.

Please note that I am not a qualified practitioner to give any advice, I am merely sharing my views and knowledge and asking those to visit the web site to share their knowledge as well. I accept no liability should some of the ideas do not work for you.

Wishing you all vibrant health

Warmest Regards

Healthy Jewels

August 2011